Zelda bought her first red Doberman puppy THUNDERATION
DOB MANN, “TAIPAN” at 4 months old, from Edd and Irene
Bivin, in 1988. She had researched the breed after having
ridden horses all her life and found Dobes to be similar to
Thoroughbreds. Sleek, intelligent, agile and stable. Taipan
was all that and more-She fell in love with his love of life and
goal to please. He wasn’t the breed ring dog Zelda had hoped
for, but they trained all the way through utility achieving a
CGC, CDX and WAC, and obtained a certificate of longevity.
Taipan was part of Zelda’s life in single years and into her
marriage to Bev Casanova and into their children’s lives.
Zelda is proud to be a member of the Doberman
Pinscher Club of Dallas since 1990.
She is also a long time member of the
Doberman Pinscher Club of America since 1993.
Sandia Dobermans
Dallas, TX
Telephone #: 972-672-1939
In 1990, Zelda and Irene agreed to co-own Taipan’s sister, Thunderstruck dob Mann. Zelda went on to show “Beasley” to her CD and ultimately bred
her twice. The first litter by Ch. Gerent’s Eldo Radley dob Mann produced 7 puppies. Zelda kept one male, Stoneleigh, who went on to become a CH,
shown by Zelda and finished by Jim Briley. Stone also earned his CD. Stoneleigh lived to 11 and gave years of joy to Bev and Zelda. The second litter
to Ch. Sunburg’s Andie Andrew produced one puppy which Zelda placed. While attending the DPCA National in 1999, Zelda met CH. Marienburg’s
Repo Man. RP was a delight and was already producing great progeny. Zelda discussed litter opportunities with Mary Rogers and found out that RP
had a new litter on the ground in Houston. Zelda found Laurenwood’s Lady N’ Red v Sandia, “Pfeiffer”, from Sandra Jobes. This was Zelda’s first bitch
with her kennel name, SANDIA. (Named after the gorgeous Sandia mountains in New Mexico) Pfeiffer went on to become a Champion and produce two
lovely litters, a total of 20 puppies---(X Ch. Cambria’s Irish Rebellion) co-bred with Ann & Jim White.

During Pfeiffer’s showing years, Zelda also acquired a Dachsund, from Gemstone, Nancy Wagner/Irene Bivin. Gemstone’s Essen dob Mann earned
her CH., shown by Cookie Roush.

While raising their children, Zelda and Bev did not show a lot, but Zelda stayed in close contact with the Dobe world and became a WAE Evaluator. She
evaluated many WAE’s across the country and continues to do so.

Zelda is currently enjoying Wally in a variety of venues at both AKC and UKC shows.  They are involved in Lure Coursing, Dock Diving, Agility,
Obedience, Barnhunt, Weight Pull, Rally, Therapy, and Conformation events.    Wally is also represented by BEAST AGENCY and does various photo
and film shoots.

Zelda and Bev recently purchased their first Chinese Crested from Michelle Young.  Adorator Kiss Jr Pretensja “Kiss” was imported from Poland and
will also be shown in many events.

Although SANDIA is a small kennel, Zelda and Bev take great pride in their dogs litter by litter, one by one. They are part of the family, and will always
be part of Sandia whether living with them, or placed in a loving home. When not at gymnastics events with their children, Bev and Zelda enjoy training
in conformation, obedience, rally and agility and going to the shows whenever possible!
“Purposefully Bred” and “Preservation Breeder”
We do not condone or support the breeding of the "white"/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation. (Motion 12-24)